A quick guide to improving your school’s attainment

Learn how a blend of new and traditional learning techniques can deliver better school-wide results.

What's covered...

Schools closed their doors to many pupils in early 2020. With most pupils learning remotely, the role of ICT has shifted.

The big return to school is underway and priorities are subtly different, however pupils’ results and achievements remain at the heart of school strategy.

Student engagement fell significantly in lockdown – find out why returning to the classroom is absolutely key to pupil development.

In this resource, you'll find out:

New directions in pedagogy and technology that ease the challenging transition for pupils and staff after lockdown

A pedagogical strategy for ICT usage, as part of a well-crafted digital learning strategy

Why ICT is more essential than ever for improvement, engagement and communication in your school

Technologies that make lesson planning, delivery and assessment faster and easier for your teachers

How tech-first learning that is appropriate to the curriculum can deliver better results and reduce the attainment gap

The misconceptions of teaching a new generation of ‘digital native’ learners, post-Covid.

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