School openings: letting the dust settle

After the announcement last Sunday night, things seem more uncertain than ever. As leaders we want clarity on when schools will reopen, but we’re now faced with more questions than answers. What we have learned about Government briefings over the last eight weeks however, is that general statements are slowly backed up with drip-fed guidance … Continued

Edtech round-up of the best blogs

2020 is already well underway so it’s a good idea to assess the resources and information that caught our attention in 2019. When it comes to blogs, there are plenty focused on education, and even more on technology, but which ones did the best job of combining the two? In no particular order, here’s our … Continued

What does the rise of edtech mean for your IT roadmap?

IT managers, you’ll be happy to hear that technology has significantly risen on the school agenda this year. School leaders and teachers increasingly agree with the benefits of tech, not just as an educational tool, but for the improvement of overall school processes and administrative duties.  According to our State of Technology in Education 2019/20 … Continued

The State of Technology in Education 2019/20: A commitment to tech

The State of Technology in Education is back! Now in its fourth iteration, the report highlights the complexities of the educational landscape in the UK and Ireland. While there are many reasons to be positive, there are plenty of challenges to overcome. As ever, conflicting priorities and budgetary pressures act as stressors on SMTs, while … Continued