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EdTech news roundup – August 2018

A look at some of the most important UK education and edtech headline stories from August 2018.

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Here are 3 of the latest UK education and edtech news stories from August 2018…

Why You Need to Tailor Your EdTech Investment

Sponsored: Promethean’s Peter Millar discusses five key considerations you should make ahead of investing in new classroom technology

We’ve always said that education technologies should be used to enhance learning and teaching, and not to replace or detract from the work of the teacher. This is why investing in the right technology that meets the needs of the school, its teachers and students, is so important. With a wide range of technologies available it can be easy to be captivated by all the very latest gadgets, but the magic happens when there is strategic planning to ensure you get the most out of your edtech investment. Here we discuss five key considerations you should make ahead of investing in new classroom technology…

Hinds: Free mobile apps could improve reading

DfE announces competition to identify the best mobile phone apps to help with children’s early education at home

Free mobile phone apps could be a vital part of improving disadvantaged children’s education, according to Damian Hinds.

The education secretary revealed that his department is launching a competition to identify which mobile phone apps are the best at helping with children’s early education at home.

“If our phones and apps can help us bank, shop, diet, exercise and figure out where we are, why not also help us with helping our children to develop their communication and reading?”

The announcement was part of a speech on social mobility in which Mr Hinds pledged to by 2028 halve the number of children who start school without the speaking or reading skills they need.

UK schools and tech industry urged to foster education revolution

Education secretary wants UK and Silicon Valley firms to help put tech at heart of classrooms

Tech companies in the UK and abroad, including Apple and Microsoft, have been urged to help foster an education revolution by putting technology at the heart of the classroom.

The education secretary, Damian Hinds, said only a minority of schools and colleges were taking advantage of opportunities to bring education to life by, for instance, enabling children to take virtual trips through the Amazon or to control robots.

Technology can also slash the time teachers spend on burdensome administrative tasks, he said on Tuesday, but Hinds implored the UK’s burgeoning tech industry, along with the Silicon Valley giants, to provide support.

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