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EdTech news roundup – December 2018

A look back at some of the most important UK education and edtech headline stories from December 2018.

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Here are 3 of the latest UK education and education technology news stories from December 2018…

Number of primary schools investigated for cheating during exams rises to almost 600

‘Tougher tests make it more tempting to bend the rules.’

The number of primary schools investigated for cheating during statutory exams has risen – and experts say increasing pressure on teachers to get good results has played a part. A report from the Standards and Testing Agency shows that 599 schools were investigated for maladministration during Sats exams in 2017, compared with 524 in 2016 – a rise of 14 per cent.

There has also been a rise in the number of cases that resulted in exam results being amended or annulled as a result of maladministration.

Lack of funding is harming teacher wellbeing, Ofsted finds

Three-quarters of teachers say the job is affecting their mental wellbeing.

A lack of funding in schools is damaging teachers’ wellbeing, according to an Ofsted survey. The research shows that three-quarters of teachers believe their job impacts negatively on their mental health, while 60 per cent claim it is affecting their physical health. The main reasons for teaching having a negative impact were behaviour of pupils and inconsistent behaviour of management, as well as workload and marking.

Ofsted also found that the teachers were being impacted by a lack of support to manage behaviour; lack of time; “money/budget/funding”; resources; lack of communication and lack of a work-life balance.

Only 24% of young teachers plan to stay long-term

More than one in ten young teachers are spending 25 hours a week or more working overtime.

Fewer than a quarter of young teachers say they expect to stay in teaching long term, a conference organised by the NASUWT teaching union has heard.

Pay and excessive workload are the biggest reasons why young teachers say they may leave the profession.

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