Schools’ strategic goals: a hybrid learning strategy

A guide to implementing the most robust network security and online protection in your school.

What's covered...

With more connected devices on school networks, and wider use of online conferencing, online safety is of the highest priority. This is a step-by-step guide to keeping pupils and staff secure, and ensuring everyone is on top of online safety and safeguarding protocols.

Why use this framework for your school hybrid learning strategy?

Download, annotate and personalise the document to align with your school’s specific technologies, circumstances and use cases.

It suggests questions, agenda items and discussion points so you can consider all stakeholders concerns.

Help your school define hybrid learning objectives and assess outcomes with key performance indicators (KPIs) and project timeframes.

Ensure your hybrid learning strategy is fully-considered and communicated throughout the whole school to eliminate points of weakness.

Boost collaboration, communication and staff motivation across school departments by ensuring all voices are heard.

Improves outcomes by ensuring key staff are on board with procedural changes before they are rolled out.

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A guide to overcoming digital learning curves and increasing teachers’ confidence using classroom edtech in your school.