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Edtech round-up of the best blogs

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2020 is already well underway so it’s a good idea to assess the resources and information that caught our attention in 2019. When it comes to blogs, there are plenty focused on education, and even more on technology, but which ones did the best job of combining the two?

In no particular order, here’s our shortlist of the best edtech blogs for true tech-enthusiasts (as well as ResourcEd of course!) and why:

1. ICT Evangelist

Mark Anderson’s edtech blog, ICT Evangelist, is extensive. It features nicely organised and well categorised content on both technical and simpler tech subjects.

It covers topics like digital literacy and cybersecurity, as well as helpful posts about making the case for edtech to your leadership teams. It also points towards free and easy resources and tools for you to promote to busy teaching staff.

Our favourite blog posts in 2019? His AppVent Calendar — it showcases a different educational app every day in the run up to Christmas. Also, this post on dual coding-influenced resources caught our eye, and this one about creating end of year videos is perfect for sharing with tech-enthusiastic teaching colleagues. Mark Anderson’s edtech blog, ICT Evangelist, is extensive. It features nicely organised and well categorised content on both technical and simpler tech subjects.

2. EmergingEdTech

Kelly Walsh is a former school leader with more than twenty years’ classroom experience. His blog, Emerging Edtech, focuses on bringing learning to life with different tools and emerging technologies. His recent post, for example, discusses Artificial Intelligence in Education (AIED), and how applications of AIED have been evidenced since the 1950s.

Also, a special mention for this fun article: which technologies the Jetsons predicted in 1962, like tablets, drones and smartwatches. Perfect for any nostalgia geek.

3. Diary of a geeky teacher

This entry is a slight cheat; Adam Chase hasn’t actually published any new Diary of a Geeky Teacher posts in 2019. But we like his existing content so much, and as his Twitter account is active, we’re turning a blind eye.

Inspired by well-known edtech blogger, Mr P, Adam Chase says, “I am a big believer that the quality of learning will always be better when you have a teacher who is passionate about the subject.”

And which of his blog posts do we like the best? His post assessing how the most popular music often has an algorithm caught our attention, as well as this one about teaching the children about code breaking and computational thinking.

4. Edtechnology

Our final entry is Education Technology; a part of EdQuarter, a cross-education learning platform for schools and the higher education sector. It’s a highly polished e-zine of articles and blogs on a huge range of technical topics such as cloud communication, cybersecurity, data management and video-assisted learning.

We particularly like this post about how coding can help hone an entrepreneurial mindset. It hopes that combining technical ability with creativity will see the next generation of innovators develop ideas to solve pressing human problems.

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