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Education news roundup – August 2020

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Here are three of the latest UK education and edtech news stories from August 2020.

Remote learning during lockdown saw engagement fall by 30%

This Education Technology article addresses the issues with supporting student engagement remotely in home-learning. ‘Students’ interest began to falter in the second half of the school term,’ it reports. ‘Something Firefly has labelled “lockdown learning fatigue.”’ 

A committed use of edtech in the classroom can reinvigorate students’ learning, as Joe Mathewson, founder of Firefly, asserts: ‘We need the government to support the British edtech sector and recognise the role tech can play in providing personalised support for the millions of children in the UK, and particularly those ones that are struggling.’

Our latest State of Technology in Education report provides in-depth insight into educators’ confidence in using edtech to improve student engagement. Request an ActivPanel demo to find out how our edtech solutions can reengage your students and bolster attainment.

Boris Johnson says it is ‘vitally important’ children return to class

Also recognising students’ need for the school environment, this BBC News article emphasises the importance of the classroom for the most effective teaching and learning. ‘It is “vitally important” children go back to school, with the life chances of a generation at stake,’ Boris Johnson told parents. 

Our recent blog discusses how the classroom benefits students’ attainment, wellbeing and access to technology, as the Prime Minister acknowledges, assuring parents ‘the risk of contracting coronavirus at schools across the UK is “very small”’ whereas ‘it is far more damaging for a child’s development and their health… to be away from school any longer.’ You can find out more opinions on student engagement this year in our latest State of Technology report.

£5 million to tackle digital poverty

In a recognition of the benefits edtech has on teaching and learning, this TES article reports government provisions for schools to enhance their use of technology: ‘The government says the funds will help thousands of learners to access the necessary computer resources.’

It explains how these technology funds can bridge attainment gaps: ‘A new £5 million fund has been created to help colleges and universities in Scotland tackle digital exclusion among disadvantaged students.’ Our latest State of Technology in Education report shares comprehensive insight into the most effective edtech tools educators have used this year, and those you can use to support your strategies. 

Shona Struthers, chief executive of Colleges Scotland, stresses how embracing technology is an essential transition for the education sector: “We now live in a digitally oriented society where digital skills and technology are integral, and a key part of learning and training.” Request an ActivPanel demo to find out how investing in the best front-of-class displays can help you deliver the highest quality of teaching and learning.

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