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Education news roundup – October 2019

A look back at some of the most important and interesting UK education and education technology headline stories from October 2019.

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Here are 3 of the latest UK education and education technology news stories from October 2019…

How to reduce your marking in primary

Jon Parsons’ piece in TES is about cutting out marking in primary prompted a huge response from teachers, so he’s broken it down to a step-by-step guide for teachers.

Some training may be needed to ensure that quality feedback is delivered by all staff. Do all teachers have a clear understanding of the different types of feedback that could be given?

Watch this Alternative approach to deep marking video for further guidance.

Three tips for using augmented reality (AR) in the classroom

Technology has become a key component of today’s classroom and is here to stay.

A recent study highlighted the prevalence of tech in the classroom, as 71% of primary schools and 76% of secondary schools have tablets in the classroom, according to BESA.

Whilst the technology is available according to the State of Technology in Education Report 2019/20 only 20.3% of teachers and 21% of IT managers in the UK believe that staff training budgets are at the right level. This poses the question – is this technology being used to its full potential?

Large academy chains more likely to have children disappear from schools without explanation, study finds

Large academy chains all have higher than average rates of children disappearing from school rolls with no explanation, a study has found.

Most large multi-academy trusts – which run state schools independent of councils – also have above average rates of exclusions, research from the Education Policy Institute (EPI) suggests.

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