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The Promethean State of Technology in Education Report 2016

The first ‘State of Tech in Education Report’ from Promethean provides teachers with an insight into the latest education technology, attitudes and trends.

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We created the first ‘The State of Technology in Education Report’ to provide teachers and educational leaders with an insight into the latest education technology, attitudes, and trends shaping pedagogy.

Our 2016 report includes insights taken from our research with over 1,500 educators from schools across the UK.

What we found is that technology is not a standalone solution. That edtech is an enablement tool, not a substitute for other teaching methods. However, while teachers are keen to use technology in the classroom, this is being hampered by a lack of appropriate ICT equipment, and failing computer networks. In addition, while technology is being used as a lesson based tool in STEM classes, its potential as a means to support the delivery of a modern learning experience across all disciplines has yet to be fully realised.

There also appears to be a degree of misunderstanding over how technology can be used to support learning; with many teachers still viewing technology as something that pupils use in isolation. This perception must be challenged if we are to align current teaching methods with 21st-century advancements in technology.

We hope that the findings outlined in this report will be used to drive the sector forward, and help teachers realise the full potential of edtech over the next 12 months and beyond.

Ian Curtis, Head of ClassFlow for EMEA

What’s in this guide?

EdTech key findings from The Promethean State of Technology in Education Report 2016

An overview of what the report covers, who we interviewed and an overview of the key findings from the inaugural State of Technology in Education Report.

Educators and education technology

How educators are using technology in the modern classroom and helping educators to solve problems.

Attitudes towards technology in education

Attitudes towards education technology in classrooms and schools.

How schools are benefiting from education technology

How technology enables learning and teaching strategies in schools whilst supporting attendance and assessment targets.

How pupils are benefiting from educational technology

Using education technology to benefit pupil engagement, behaviour and soft skills

The future of education technology

The future of edtech and emerging classroom technologies.

The Promethean State of Technology in Education Report conclusion

Report conclusions and 13 takeaways for your school

“Technology has made my classroom a fun place to be (for my students AND for me) for the last 25 years” Teacher response from The State of Technology in Education Report 2016 research questionnaire, Bedford.

Download the latest report: The Promethean State of Technology in Education Report 2017

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