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Future focuses: how have school priorities changed in 5 years?

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Promethean’s annual State of Technology in Education reports have charted the changes to the UK education landscape, and how schools have shifted their strategies to adapt. Now after such an unprecedented year, we wanted to look back to see how schools have planned ahead. 

So how have schools’ strategic goals changed over half a decade? Before we release our latest report, here’s a glimpse of the five-year trends: 

Engagement with tech is on the rise

  • More educators this year have boosted engagement with edtech, and it’s proved invaluable in supporting teaching strategies during lockdown.
  • However, school leaders still don’t feel it ranks high as a priority. Curriculum, results and attainment are the highest objectives this year, and nearly 80% of educators agree with them.
  • This represents a shift from the trends: although curriculum grew in importance by over 40% last year, it was pupils’ needs which had the most influence on shaping strategy in 2019.
  • As for updating technology and training teachers, they’ve consistently fallen below the radar as some of the lowest priorities.
  • This is despite the growing numbers who recognise delivering educational benefits through edtech as a priority — up to 22% last year from 9% in 2017.
  • After experiencing the benefits more than ever this year, how many will recognise the value of edtech as a priority for the next academic year?

Is edtech a school priority?

Our 2020/21 report contains the very latest insight to understand how schools have adapted to half a decade of changes in education. This year has brought significant changes of its own, but you can be in the best position to thrive with the most effective school strategy.

Want comprehensive analysis and your peers’ opinions to prepare a strong future strategy? Take a look at the newly released 2020/21 State of Technology in Education report.

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