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What’s your future-proof edtech strategy for the next academic year?

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After the year we’ve had, it’s a critical time in schools’ strategy setting. Last year, however, many teachers didn’t feel involved. This may be understandable given the constantly shifting landscape educators have been subjected to over the past 12 months. But is now the time to take stock, facilitate feedback and elicit input from around the school?

After schools closed to most pupils, educators were forced to balance teaching a small group of students in-person while simultaneously providing remote lessons to the majority of learners at home. To do so, many drew upon the blended learning model which combines traditional classroom methods with digital resources.

So, can a strategic hybrid learning approach, grounded in effective edtech help staff overcome the challenges they’ve experienced with remote teaching, while supporting student engagement and attainment?

What are the challenges of hybrid learning?

Globally, less than 20% of the world’s population have access to broadband, and for the students who do, they experienced a ‘lockdown learning fatigue’ contributing to an engagement drop of 30%. Staff, too, suffered a shortage of crucial equipment to facilitate remote teaching.

While a hybrid approach to learning is a learning curve for schools, it doesn’t require a radical reinvention of pedagogy to align with the expanded scope for involving edtech. Teachers can continue using the assets they developed in class, without having to recreate content from scratch in new or unfamiliar platforms. 

How essential is technology on schools’ strategic goals?

When asked how significant technology is to achieving wider strategic goals last year, over a third of educators agreed some tech is indeed important. Over 22% confirmed it was included in the strategy, but does not contribute to meeting wider objectives. At the same time, only a third of schools confirmed their school has an IT-specific strategy. 

Has this number changed this year, as the reliance on technology has skyrocketed through the course of the pandemic? 

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