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Tracking edtech: 5 years of teaching trends

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For the past five years, our annual State of Technology in Education report has tracked how schools use technology to support and enrich lesson delivery. As educators have increasingly used edtech to re-engage students and improve attainment, they’ve sought different tools to supplement their teaching. Here’s a glimpse into some of the edtech trends from our upcoming report:

  • The majority of educators continually strive to innovate with technology — that’s never faltered. The number doing so has steadily grown from 50% in 2016 to over 60% in 2019.
  • At the same time, educators are increasingly convinced that technology is a part of everyday life so should be reflected in lessons: 89% agreed last year, up from 52% in 2016. 
  • Following this sustained trend of edtech confidence, how will schools value it this year?

Has remote teaching changed the learning landscape? 

With the enforced period of remote learning this year, edtech quite literally came home. After relying so heavily on remote technologies, do educators feel it has changed the landscape? 

Will technology become a barrier for learning?

25% believe technology will impact student education in the coming years, but 75% believe it is increasingly a barrier for learning. Educators are continuing to recognise how edtech can influence teaching — as they have done consistently. However, are they getting the training they need to realise its full potential?

The 2020/21 State of Technology in Education report can provide the answers. Our full report breaks down the tools educators have favoured the most, along with opinions on the benefits to student engagement and behaviour. Want in-depth insights into teaching and learning with edtech? Take a look at the newly released State of Technology in Education report.

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The State of Technology in Education Report 2020/21

Take a look at our most comprehensive education report to date. Half a decade of edtech, teaching and training trends — it’s a report like no other, from a year like no other.

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