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How much tech training have teachers had this year?

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If teachers are to be in the best position to overcome the challenges of such a unique year, a proper commitment to training is essential.

For half a decade, teacher training has been a key focus of our annual State of Technology in Education. We’ve tracked how much priority has been given to staff training as a whole, as well as the specific areas educators have been trained in.

Has enough time been made for tech training?

So, before we release our latest report, we ask whether enough time has been made for training over the past five years, especially in 2020.

Despite school closures and improved use of tech, the classroom remains the nucleus of learning. Training fell to a concerning all-time low last year with 13% identifying it as a priority — but it needs to be a prime focus to benefit from the tech skills learnt during lockdown. Edtech training, in particular, has typically suffered, with only 7% in 2019 reporting they receive full training and support — an increase of only 1% from 2017.

Are more teachers training themselves?

Edtech came into its element this year, yet still only 12% think full training is provided. With fewer educators reporting technology training as a priority within teacher training itself — dropping from 52% in 2016 to just 3% last year — our latest report shows how teachers have been left to find the time to train themselves. So how confident do SLT, IT managers and teachers feel in the training offered by their school?

The 2020/21 State of Technology in Education report breaks down all the training issues including budget, so you can implement an effective strategy where training is prioritised.

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