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Making reporting to Ofsted easy with ClassFlow

Your school may under pressure reporting to professional bodies like Ofsted. Without official guidelines in place, it isn't always straightforward.

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Preparing and delivering classroom lessons is a time-consuming task for most teachers. With the introduction of assessment without levels and age related expectations in 2014, your school is likely to be under increased pressure to maintain a high level of accountability when reporting to professional bodies such as Ofsted. Without official guidelines in place, that isn’t always straightforward.

Free learning platform ClassFlow is a solution that not only allows fluid teacher/pupil interaction within the classroom environment, but also makes reporting easier, giving teachers back their most valuable asset – time.

Monitor assessments in real-time

ClassFlow could prove an important asset for delivering your school’s strategy. It is a flexible tool designed to work well within the assessment without levels framework. It allows your school to collate, evaluate and report on one system and creates detailed reports that can be used in-line with any Ofsted schedule. With its simple implementation, ClassFlow solves multiple issues in one solution.

You can use ClassFlow to monitor progress of students during assessments, in real-time. Teachers can see gaps in learning immediately and address any issues on the spot. The ‘Results Viewer’ provides an accurate indication of the progress students are making. After a lesson-based or standalone assessment has been delivered, you and your team can quickly, but precisely and review the results. This will not only save your staff time, it will also enable you to give pupils and their parents high quality feedback to support their learning and provide detailed reports to Ofsted about pupils’ overall achievements.

ClassFlow’s accurate reporting is key to achieving your school’s vision. In Ofsted’s “Getting to Good” report, they state that schools move to good or better by monitoring pupils’ progress and reporting it accurately:

“The schools are rigorous in the way that they use target-setting, assessment and tracking to raise achievement [They] also realise that assessment information is useless if it is not highly accurate.”

By using simple, time-saving assessment tools and having multiple ways to view and analyse data generated from your tailored reports, you can highlight whether pupils are above, below or meeting expectation, making data collection more accountable and enabling teachers to implement changes that work to benefit both pupils and the school.

Ease and accuracy of data collection is absolutely vital to the success of a school’s reporting.

Measuring progress

Alongside the accurate data you can collect, ClassFlow also offers you performance analysis reports. These reports will provide invaluable information about individual students and the overall class. ClassFlow’s ‘Performance Report’ function provides instant insight into the performance of a class against a selected set of performance bands.

These performance reports allow you to collect data during your preferred date range, making it easier for you to track progress and report your findings to other interested parties, such as colleagues or Ofsted.

For students to get even more from ClassFlow, teachers can equip their students with their own accounts, allowing them to create targeted assessments for pupils to complete, focusing on their specific areas of need. This not only benefits those learning, it enables teachers to look at an individual’s progress more closely.

With schools not confined to a specific method of reporting assessments, ClassFlow can improve accountability for the data collected, with teachers taking greater ownership of what is being reported. In using the platform, schools will also better understand their data management practices, a recommendation cited in the government’s 2015’s “Commission on Assessment Without Levels” report.

Share and collaborate

With ClassFlow, teachers are enabled to collaborate with colleagues, parents and professional education bodies. It allows them to share information, create up-to-date reports and provide feedback in real-time. The platform has the capability to reach every student in the classroom, regardless of their preferred style of learning, but it goes beyond that too. It also provides a cost-effective way of bringing greater accountability and inclusion to the entire school environment. It offers a coherent analysis in-line with government and Ofsted requirements, including how a school views its own performance and the opportunity to review and explain evaluations that are specific to your school.

If you want to deliver your school’s strategy and generate accurate results, you can sign up for ClassFlow here and make progress reporting a whole lot easier.