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Watch the webinar: how to source free or low-cost tech

Watch the webinar on how to use different types of technology for your school with little or no investment and tactics that could be used in the classroom.

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Sourcing technology with little or no budget isn’t always easy. Luckily, there are ways you can acquire edtech without breaking the bank.

Watch the video below to see Mr Hunt’s strategies for sourcing free edtech for your school.

How to source technology for your school with little or no investment

As advocates for digital communication and collaborate learning, Promethean held an informative webinar for educators in the UK and Ireland this month. The webinar explained how school leaders can easily source free or low-cost edtech for their schools. Hosted by Simon Hunt, a tech-savvy primary school teacher at Tottington Primary School in Bury, it also outlined easy tactics for teachers to use edtech more effectively, like using Skype to bring lessons to life.

Better still, Simon gave us the full scoop on how he upgraded his 15 year old interactive whiteboard (that he struggled to even turn on) to a brand new Promethean ActivPanel… for free!

Simon’s inspiring work has reached many other countries through the power of social media, even helping to improve the French curriculum. His most recent success was becoming an internet sensation after filming himself learning the floss dance with his year 4 class.

Mr Hunt’s 4 lessons for embracing technology in the classroom:

  1. Education technology, growth mindset and pupil engagement
  2. Auditing your parents and your edtech
  3. Using technology and social media in the classroom
  4. Top tips on how to apply for the 2018 Promethean Grant

What can you learn by watching the webinar?

  • Strategies to source edtech for your school
  • Additional pedagogical opportunities, which can result in higher levels of engagement and attainment e.g. using Skype for Education in the classroom and social media
  • Find out how to apply for the Promethean Grant and win an ActivPanel just like Simon did last year. Simon is also a judging panel member for this year’s grant so find out his top tips

Psst. On the move? Plug your headphones in and listen to the digital event as a podcast here: