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The rise of teacher-authored content

With most teachers already creating their own resources - could now be the time your hard work was recognised and shared with others for profit?

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Getting your hands on the assets you need to do your job can be tough. Textbooks are expensive, and diminishing school budgets mean that some educators are forced into using out-of-date books in their classrooms. To tackle this problem, many teachers are taking matters into their own hands, and, over the course of a year, some are even using their own hard-earned money on resources and materials that their schools can’t, or simply won’t fund.

With most teachers already creating their own resources – such as lesson plans, curricula, worksheets, teaching guides, assessments, etc. – could teacher-authored content provide educators with the tools they need? Perhaps even more compelling, could now be the time your hard work was recognised and shared with others for profit?

Why you should use teacher-authored content

Created by educators for educators a large percentage of teacher-authored content is already freely available. Where it is sold rather than given away, costs tend to be lower than more traditional resources.

Just as importantly, with established online marketplaces, it’s easier than ever for teachers to find and deliver high-quality interactive lessons, rather than wasting valuable hours searching for the right resources for them.

With reports stating that teachers are becoming disillusioned with the content provided by traditional curriculum publishers, teacher-authored content offers a compelling alternative.

Why you should create teacher-authored content

By creating and selling your lesson plans and other content, you can boost your earnings (and recover the money you’ve had to spend buying classroom resources).

You can also build a follower base amongst your peers; boosting your reputation and gaining recognition as a thought-leader in your field; with some platforms letting people review your resources just as they do on eBay.

Nobody understands what works in the classroom as well as teachers, and by tapping into this knowledge, you can make the output of your years of expertise widely available to other educators.

Whether you are buying or selling, teacher-authored content leads to increased collaboration and fuels inspiration; and that can only be a good thing for the profession as a whole. With millions of buyers already sold on the value of teacher-authored content, and the surge in demand only likely to continue, could we be on the verge of an educational content revolution?

Introducing ClassFlow Marketplace

While the idea has been around for many years, it’s only recently that the practice of buying and selling educational resources between teachers has caught on. No doubt due to developments in technology and a growing trend towards collaborative cloud-based platforms which has opened up a whole new way for teachers to share ideas.

ClassFlow lets teachers create and deliver lessons, assessments, and assignments, quickly and easily. Adding to the platform’s capabilities, ClassFlow Marketplace will now let teachers buy and sell these resources online. Content comes in a variety of subject areas and is reviewed by fellow teachers. These scores link back to the teacher’s profile, so it’s easy to see who is creating quality resources.

To find out more, visit the ClassFlow Marketplace today.

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