4 tips for SLTs to win over teachers and IT staff

Each academic year, schools work incredibly hard to balance a number of individual and wider strategic goals. These include meeting pupils needs and raising attainment, as well as preparing for inspection bodies like Ofsted. As senior leaders, the buck often stops with you to manage these objectives. A clear strategic plan is essential to achieving … Continued

Exploring the classroom of the future

As consumers, technology is ever-present in our daily lives. And now, according to The State of Technology in Education 2019/20, almost 90% of educators believe that tech should be just as present in education. What’s more, almost all teachers, SLTs and other school staff believe tech is an ideal way to engage students in the … Continued

What does the rise of edtech mean for your IT roadmap?

IT managers, you’ll be happy to hear that technology has significantly risen on the school agenda this year. School leaders and teachers increasingly agree with the benefits of tech, not just as an educational tool, but for the improvement of overall school processes and administrative duties.  According to our State of Technology in Education 2019/20 … Continued

How to stretch the tech budget

Technology has long played an important part in the way schools educate their pupils, but it’s increasingly essential to their overall strategic goals. That’s according to the State of Technology in Education Report 2019/20. Almost 40% of SMTs say they want to use technology to enhance their school’s collaboration (nearly twice as many as two … Continued