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How are teachers keeping up with classroom technology?

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Around the globe, the role of technology in education shifted dramatically in 2020. The immediate necessity to move teaching online was a huge learning curve for teachers, students and parents. But as technologies were rolled out, teething problems were addressed and teachers and students found their stride, and the new found tools kept education in motion for the best part of a year.

Now that schools are welcoming most pupils back, the use of technology in classrooms is shifting too. It’s hoped that the skills and tools that were welcomed over the course of the pandemic will continue in the classroom. But with that comes additional pressures on those less digitally-savvy. So, are teachers armed with the resources and support to keep up with this new level of digitization of education? And are schools equipped with the infrastructure?

How has classroom tech changed over the past 5 years?

According to the State of Technology in Education Report 2020/21, the focus on boosting student engagement with tech grew by 29% in five years. Last year it was a strategic priority for almost 40% of schools, according to our research.

Eight out of 10 educators say that technology is a necessary part of everyday life, so this should be reflected in lessons. At the same time, a third admit they avoid using school tech because the hardware is often unreliable.

So, in your experience, are educators drawing on their recent experiences, ensuring tools that have supported them in hybrid or blended learning are transferred into the classroom rather than being left behind? 

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