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Recognising teachers for World Teacher Day and supporting them beyond

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This year, teachers have worked harder than ever to deliver high quality teaching against all the challenges of remote learning. Many have worked around the clock to provide learning resources, resolve parents’ questions and offer support to students. 

World Teacher Day gives educators the opportunity to celebrate all these efforts and achievements, and reflect on how best to support teachers over the next year. One of the most important ways to give back and put them in the best position to continue their invaluable work is with a commitment to thorough teacher training. 

This year’s State of Technology in Education Report revealed almost one-third (28%) of teachers believe their school should focus more on staff training. Without it, teachers won’t feel fully involved in their schools’ strategy — this year, almost 60% said they have no input. Here’s how schools can help them do their job even better.

Helping teachers access training and support

This year’s report showed over 80% have identified technology as a great way to improve engagement, but only 1% of schools identify technology training as a priority. Educators clearly appreciate the benefits, but don’t feel in a position to harness them and realise edtech’s full potential as a tool for enhancing learning.

Teachers have relied on edtech more than ever this year to facilitate remote teaching, but they need access to technology training to transfer these skills into the classroom. They already juggle increasingly busy workloads, stressful schedules and multiple time pressures — almost 90% said their work/life balance changed over lockdown. Despite these constraints, over 40% also had to find time to train themselves this year.

Schools can relieve all of these pressures and make staff feel more involved in their strategic vision by providing proper training.

Supporting teachers with edtech

Almost 80% of educators this year agree edtech helps them do their job better. Many edtech providers, like Promethean, are contributing by offering resources to support training. ActivInspire helps teachers get the most out of their Promethean ActivPanel with a vast suite of tools to create and deliver dynamic lessons. This award-winning software enables teachers to create truly interactive lessons, increasing student collaboration and engagement.

Alongside this, the Promethean ResourcEd Blog is full of quick guides, actionable advice and in-depth blogs exploring how to maximise edtech value, as well as the latest teaching techniques and strategies. This comprehensive but accessible resource helps educators understand how to use edtech to bolster student engagement, to enable instant assessment and to boost their own productivity. Education Technology offers a wealth of opportunities to support staff and students alike.


A renewed approach to teacher training and greater access to edtech are fundamental to supporting teachers’ wellbeing, as well as equipping them with confident guidance to nurture student engagement and attainment. Find out more training insights from the last five years, and discover more of edtech’s benefits in the full 2020/21 State of Technology in Education Report.

Take a quick step now to helping your teachers — give them the best front-of-class display with ActivPanel and its award-winning lesson delivery software. Request a free demo to see how it can transform your teaching.

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